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Google Play Store is the biggest and most popular app store in the world. It has millions of apps that users can download and use for various purposes. While the app store provides numerous benefits, there are times when you may want to block certain apps. Maybe you want to block a game app that your child keeps playing, or maybe you want to block an app that is eating up your phone’s memory. Whatever your reason, blocking apps in Play Store is a simple process. In this article, we will explain tips for how to block apps in Play Store, the benefits of blocking apps, and give recommendations for effectively blocking apps.

What is App Blocking in Play Store?

App blocking in Play Store refers to the process of preventing specific apps from being downloaded or installed from the Play Store. When you block an app in Play Store, it becomes invisible to the user and cannot be downloaded or installed on the device. This feature is particularly useful for parents who want to control what their children can access on their Android devices. It also helps individuals free up space on their devices by preventing unnecessary apps from being installed.

App Blocking In Play Store

Tips for How to Block Apps in Play Store

Here are the steps you need to follow to block apps in Play Store:

Step 1: Open Play Store

The first step is to open the Google Play Store app on your Android device. You can easily find this app on your home screen or in the app drawer.

Open Play Store

Step 2: Tap on the Menu button

Once you have opened the Play Store app, tap on the Menu button located in the top left corner of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu.

Tap On The Menu Button In Play Store

Step 3: Select “Settings”

From the drop-down menu, select “Settings”. This will take you to the Play Store settings screen.

Select Settings In Play Store

Step 4: Tap on “Parental Controls”

In the settings screen, scroll down to “Parental Controls” and tap on it. This will take you to the Parental Controls screen.

Tap On Parental Controls In Play Store

Step 5: Turn on Parental Controls

On the Parental Controls screen, turn on the toggle switch next to “Parental Controls”. This will enable parental controls and allow you to block apps in Play Store.

Turn On Parental Controls In Play Store

Step 6: Create a PIN

After turning on parental controls, you will be prompted to create a PIN. This PIN will be required to access parental control settings in the future. Enter a PIN of your choice and tap on “OK”.

Create A Pin In Play Store

Step 7: Set up Content Filtering

Once you have created a PIN, the next step is to set up content filtering. Tap on “Apps & Games” under “Content Restrictions” and select the age rating you want to restrict. This will block apps and games with that rating or above. You can also choose to “Allow all apps & games” if you don’t want to restrict anything.

Set Up Content Filtering In Play Store

Step 8: Block Specific Apps

If you want to block specific apps, tap on “Blocked apps” under “Parental Controls” and select the apps you want to block. Once you have selected the apps, tap on “Save” to apply the changes.

Block Specific Apps In Play Store

The Benefits of Blocking Apps in Play Store

Blocking apps in Play Store has various benefits, including:

1. Prevents Children from Accessing Inappropriate Apps

Blocking apps in Play Store is an effective way to prevent children from accessing inappropriate apps. By setting up parental controls, parents can restrict their children’s access to apps that are not suitable for their age.

2. Saves Space on Your Device

Blocking unnecessary apps in Play Store can help you save space on your device. When you block an app, it cannot be downloaded or installed on the device, which means it won’t take up any storage space.

3. Improves Device Performance

Blocking apps in Play Store can also improve your device’s performance. When your device has fewer apps, it is less likely to face performance issues such as slow speeds and app crashes.

Benefits Of Blocking Apps In Play Store

Recommendations for Blocking Apps in Play Store

Here are some recommendations for effectively blocking apps in Play Store:

1. Use Age Ratings to Block Apps

Using age ratings is an effective way to block inappropriate apps for children. By setting up content filtering, parents can restrict access to apps that are not suitable for their children’s age.

2. Block Specific Apps as Needed

In addition to age ratings, it is also useful to block specific apps as needed. If there are apps that consume too much data or storage space, or if there are apps that your child should not be using, you can block them individually.

3. Regularly Review Blocked Apps

It is important to regularly review the apps that you have blocked in Play Store. Over time, the apps that you have blocked may no longer be relevant, or there may be new apps that you want to block. By regularly reviewing your blocked apps, you can keep your device safe and up-to-date.


Blocking apps in Play Store is a simple process that can provide numerous benefits. Whether you want to control what your child can access on their device or want to free up space on your device, Play Store’s app blocking feature can help you achieve your goals. By following the tips and recommendations outlined in this article, you can effectively block apps in Play Store and enjoy a safer, more efficient device.

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